About Us ?

One of us is a designer and one of us is an architect.
We have been living in Berlin for many years and we really like the city. So we always wanted to do something in our way and from our perspective. We think Berlin is a unique city. But where does this uniqueness come from? Apart from its history and status, the people who live here play a crucial role. The diversity of the people, with their different colors, races and cultures, makes for a unique and diverse Berlin. We want to show this unique Berlin by highlighting the way of life of Berliners. For example, their favorite sports, food, living environment, etc. All these will be reflected as motifs on our products.

About Offbeat ?

People in Berlin live regularly and hectically for the most part. However, we all know that we need the occasional alternative episode to break the mold, like a wrong note. It may not be 'perfect', even not beautiful but it is unique and a new presence. OFFBEAT is not trying to set or follow any rules, yet to share with as many people as possible the stories and reflections from Berliners’ own daily life.

About Products ?

Our socks are made in China and our manufacturer also supplies high quality socks to famous brands in Europe and USA. We only use high quality materials to ensure the quality of our socks. Many of our regular customers have also confirmed that our socks are very durable. The socks are mainly made of cotton and contain a small amount of polyamide and elastane to increase the abrasion resistance and elasticity of the socks.

Berlin Related Socks

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