Where did the idea come from?

The S-Bahn is an important railway line that runs through Berlin and connects Berlin with other cities. Almost anywhere in Berlin, you will see its long body shuttling and moving.


How many lines? Running route?

The running route of Berlin's S-Bahn creates a unique shape. That is, the center is a rectangular ring, which contains several districts in the city. Then some branches radiate from the center to the edges of the city.


First sketch

We found the shape of the Berlin S-Bahn's running route intriguing, and extracted it as a key design symbol to recreate it and apply it as a central element in the background. We also added some S-Bahn symbols such as the route number, the station name, etc. to enrich the pattern.



After about 20 sketch attempts and repeated adjustments, the line drawing was finally finalized. We then extracted the green of the S-Bahn logo and the key colors of the train body and made them harmonious.

Material & color

Nylon and cotton thread

Choosing the exact color and type of nylon and cotton thread is also a very challenging step. It determines whether the design will end up being perfectly realized or not.


Mock up

After a long journey from inspiration discovery to pattern design to color matching and material selection, we finally got our prototypes.